Guidler for a Gregs Wade.

Title Guidler for a Gregs Wade.

"Some minor changes to my filament pusher inspired by Tom's update ( I have incorporated a filament guide on the idler (and coined the term guidler). I also took his modification so the front bearing doesnt rub and I have included a printed spacer so the bottom bearing doesnt rub either (just insert it before the bearing). I also widened the opening a bit for better access to the hobbing (another of Tom's ideas). I also included one of Triffid Hunter's suggestions to modify the hinge support piece slightly to make it easier to remove. Thanks Tom and Triffid for the ideas."

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Status Working
License The GNU General Public License v2
Development Type Part
Categories Extruder
Project/Vendor Any
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Updated 6 years ago
Author GregFrost

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