Davids Paste Extruder

Title Davids Paste Extruder

"A syringe based extruder. Similar to the FrostuderMk1. Uses the gearing from Wades Extruder to rotate a nut around a threaded rod. The rod has a keyway cut down it's length, and a screw runs in this to stop the rod rotating. The rotation of the nut is thus translated into linear motion which depresses the syringe plunger. Thus unlike the frostruder2/pfiercestruder/etc, it doesn't require an air source/solenoid."

Source RepRap Wiki  :  http://reprap.org/wiki/Davids_Paste_Extruder
Status Working
License The GNU General Public License v2
Development Type Part
Categories Extruder
Goals Economy
Tags paste extruder
Project/Vendor RepRap
Registered 6 years ago by garyhodgson
Updated 6 years ago

Author David Mckenzie

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