GCode Analyzer/Visualizer

Title GCode Analyzer/Visualizer

GCode visualiser.

Feature list:

  1. Visualize GCode in 2D, layer by layer
    • Show retracts and restarts
    • Show print/move/retract speeds
    • Display only part of layer/animate squence of layer printing
  2. Analyze GCode
    • Print time, amount of plastic used, layer height, etc. for whole file and for single layer
    • Reference visualized part to GCode file (i.e. select a certain part of 2d visalization, switch to GCode view - it will highlight list of lines responsible for visualized piece)
  3. Multiplatform, available online (but works offline too), works locally (doesn't upload you gcode anywhere or download anything but application itself)
  4. 3D visualization (I don't know what for, it's dull and useless.. need to rewrite it to be like in repetier host)
  5. And yeah, it's slow, memory hungry and only supports modern browsers like chrome and ff of latests versions (maybe safari 6 and ie10, haven't checked)
  6. Totaly open source so you can use it as you like )
Source Thingiverse  :  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:35248
Status Working
License Creative Commons Attribution
Development Type Tool
Categories GCode Software
Project/Vendor Any
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