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+ created Thu Jul 04 21:06:40 UTC 2013
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+ title 3DPrintMi
+ categories [Printer]
+ updated Thu Jul 04 21:06:40 UTC 2013
+ projectVendor [RepRap]
+ createdBy garyhodgson
+ status Working
+ license GPLv3
+ description "3DPrintMi combines the minimalistic, open frame style of the Printrbot/Wallace with the fixed Y Gantry system of the Mendel. The printed parts are designed to be produced rapidly, efficiently and assembled easily. A primary goal for this printer was to incorporate the maximum number of printed parts, thus enabling self replication. Built from the ground up, this RepRap requires very little tooling and does not need specially made parts (e.g. lasercut pieces) for it to function."
+ developmentType Printer
+ source RepRapWiki
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+ Build Envelope 152mm x 152mm x 200mm
+ New-ConnectionId-1 Derived From Wallace (123002)
+ New-ConnectionId-2 Derived From Printrbot (100001)
+ New-CollaboratorId-1 Author: Gyronictonic