NEMA 17 Bowden Extruder Drive

Title NEMA 17 Bowden Extruder Drive

"Based on Wade's extruder, with the X carriage mounting holes removed since this will be mounted on the Huxley frame instead. Also includes some other changes to take the bowden tube (3mm OD) and work with a 1.75mm diameter filament, driven by an M4 toothed brass insert."

(Note: can also be used with 3mm filament)

Source Thingiverse  :
Status Working
License The GNU General Public License v2
Development Type Part
Categories Extruder
Tags Huxley
Project/Vendor RepRap
Registered 7 years ago by garyhodgson
Updated 7 years ago
Designed For EMAKER Huxley

Author jmgiacalone
Specification Units Metric
Filament 1.75mm
Stepper Motor NEMA 17

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