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Title Description Source Status
Project: Reprap Printable Metals 2011 A possible method to fabricate the metallic ink. Thingiverse Experimental
RepStrap Jibaro The RepStrap Jibaro presents ideas replacing all of the plastic parts of a Prusa-type RepRap, with easy to source materials found in many hardware stores. It came about as and exercise to build a RepRap while on vacation in Puerto Rico, using only local sources for hardware, tools, and electroni... Thingiverse Work In Progress
Snapdragon RepRap The Snapdragon takes self-replication to a new level. The entire frame and print bed can be RP printed. The build surface area can be increased by adding joiner plates at each of the corners. I suppose we could even do away with the #6 screws, and nuts, and replace them with filament as cotter pi... RepRapWiki Work In Progress
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