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Title Description Source Status
3D Printing in Salt Powder Report from the Open3DP team at University of Washington on powder printing with salt. Other Working
DIY Testing for HCN from ABS and Nylon 3D Print Material A thorough test report to determine whether common FDM materials (ABS,Nylon) produce dangerous amounts of hydrogen cyanide. None Working
GADGETS3D Shield with Panel for RAMPS 1.3/1.4 RepRap Ever wanted to run your RepRap powered by RAMPS 1.3/1.4 without bonding computer into it? This panel and RAMPS GADGETS3D shield will let print your G-Code files from an SD card and show you all informations about current print also live tuning is possible - everything without computer connec... Other Working
Prusa Mendel Visual Instructions Providing a visual guide to the steps given on the wiki page on how to construct a Prusa Mendel. Blog Working
Wade's Geared Extruder Visual Instructions Providing a visual guide to constructing Wade’s Geared Extruder. Blog Working
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