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2 Extruder Mod for Prusa Mendel "This is a 2 extruder mod for Prusa Mendel 3D printer." - including notes on the electronics and software. Thingiverse Working
Accessible Wade's Extruder This is an extruder based strongly on the wades from the Prusa git repo. It has several features over the standard wade: + Accessible hobbing + The motor can be removed without removing the large gear. + Slightly higher gear ratio than standard wade. This design uses 43:10 instead of 37:11. Thingiverse Obsolete
Accessible Wade's Extruder 9/47 "I have changed the gears to 9:47 for better torque. The top is now closed. It is now easier to open the Idler. The heater barrel hole is now 10mm. The Gears dont fit at the "normal" Accessible Wade !!" Thingiverse Working
Airtripper's Bowden Extruder V3 "The bowden extruder was originally designed to fit the Sumpod 3d printer to replace the bulky MDF extruder housing that was awkward to use. However, the bowden extruder can be used for other 3d printers making use of it’s simple bracket, and the extruder has been popular with the Rost... Thingiverse Working
Birdstruder for MakerGear Plastruder "This is an extruder block designed for the MakerGear Plastruder that allows for quick change of filament and easy clean up after a filament strip." Thingiverse Working
Bolt Hobbing Tool I designed this tool to help me hob a toothed channel in a drive bolt for a wade's extruder. Thingiverse Working
Bowden Syringe Extruder "This thing makes it possible to extrude liquids and gels with no heavy parts on the carriage of your machine. It features a 10ml syringe that feeds the moving end via a 3/2mm tube. On the moving end is a standard luer connector, so you can connect different types of nozzles." Thingiverse Working
Brutstruder An extremely reliable, no compromise, multi platform extruder, that builds on all the most successful ideas currently available in thermoplastic extrusion. Thingiverse Working
Brutstruder RepRap "This is exactly the same as Brustruder for Makerbot, just cut down to it's essential size (a 1/3 reduction:) ). Brutstruder is specifically designed as a RepRap Huxley gearmotor extruder, but no reason why it would not work just as well as a Mendel Extruder with the proper mounting bracket.... Thingiverse Working
Chocolate Extruder "This is a heated chocolate extruder based on the Moineau pump (progressive cavity pump) principle. It can be used to print objects from chocolate." Thingiverse Working
Chocolate pump "This is a gerotor pump type. It is designed to pump viscous fluids like chocolate, glazing creams, epoxy etc." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Claystruder 1.1 "These are the files for the first prototype of a clay extruding print head for a Bits From Bytes Rapman." Thingiverse Working
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