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Title Description Source Status Hot-End Commercial hot-end from Other Working v4.0 Hot-End Latest version of the Arcol Hotend. Other Working
Bamboo Hot-End Bamboo as an Alternative to PEEK or PTFE Blog Working
Brazilian Study Group Hot End Details the construction of a heater block Hot End. Blog Working
BudaSchnozzle * Aluminum Block Resistor Hotend * Easily assembled and torn down with no glue or ceramic * Wire Strain Relief * Includes machined aluminum and steel parts, and laser cut wooden parts * Compatible with Wade's and Greg's accessible extruder * Currently compatible with the standard Prusa Mende... RepRapWiki Working
Direct Drive 3mm-GRRF-Hotend Bowden Extruder for Huxley Direct Drive 3mm-GRRF-Hotend Bowden Extruder for Huxley Thingiverse Working
Electroformed Hot End "The purpose of this experimental design is to take a step toward a more "replicatable" hot end. The procedures outlined here could potentially be used to make a functional hot end using basic raw materials and simple processes, without the need for precision tools such as a metal ... RepRapWiki Experimental
GADGETS3D Shield with Panel for RAMPS 1.3/1.4 RepRap Ever wanted to run your RepRap powered by RAMPS 1.3/1.4 without bonding computer into it? This panel and RAMPS GADGETS3D shield will let print your G-Code files from an SD card and show you all informations about current print also live tuning is possible - everything without computer connec... Other Working
Geared Extruder Nozzle A reliable Hot End design. RepRapWiki
High Power Hot End High power hot-end for fast printing - dual resistor & easier thermistor. Blog Working
Induction Heating Extruder "All RepRap extruders to date have a similar underlying construction, built around a resistively heated metal melt chamber with an external temperature sensor. UBC Rapid is pursuing a different approach, using induction heating to melt plastic inside a glass nozzle. Although design is more d... Other Experimental
J Head Nozzle J-Head Nozzle and Thermal Barrier Based on a combination of ideas from the Makerbot Mk 5 hot end, The Inline Heater Variation, some ideas from Brian Briggs, and some ideas from me. Blog Working
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