Developments where developmentType is Research

Title Description Source Status
3D Printing in Salt Powder Report from the Open3DP team at University of Washington on powder printing with salt. Other Working
DIY Testing for HCN from ABS and Nylon 3D Print Material A thorough test report to determine whether common FDM materials (ABS,Nylon) produce dangerous amounts of hydrogen cyanide. None Working
Heated Bed Theory A detailed discussion of the considerations to be taken when designing and building a heated bed. Blog Working
Indestructamendel - Polycarbonate 3D Printing with Prusa Mendel Detailed research into printing with Polycarbonate. Blog Experimental
Nophead's Drive Method Research (Hobbing & Knurling) Testing of knurling and hobbing as method of driving the filament. Blog Working
Nophead's Heated Bed Research A series of blog posts researching various heated bed materials and ideas. Blog Working
Repetier Hardware settings and print quality A detailed technical description of the physics behind print quality: Extrusion, Ooze and Acceleration. Github Working
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