Developments where developmentType is Technique

Title Description Source Status
Build Platform Level Test Pattern "A very short, very thin calibration object to measure build platform alignment" Thingiverse Working
CoreXY "CoreXY is a mechanism for building fast, compact XY motion stages. While it is not a CNC tool in of itself, the intention is that it might be incorporated into 3D printers, milling machines, etc. The design is described in greater detail at . A video is at ." Thingiverse Working
Creating a heated bed from several copper pcb boards Technique for creating a heated bed from several smaller pcb's. Other Experimental
Designing for Parametrics in OpenSCAD Tips for designing parametric things in OpenSCAD. Blog Working
How to make a printing plate Steps and tips on combining models into one plate. Blog Working
Making a Hobbed Bolt Descriptions on various ways to create a hobbed bolt suitable for a Wade's style extruder. RepRapWiki Working
Moldmaking Tutorial Useful introductory article on mold making. RepRapWiki Working
Project: Reprap Printable Metals 2011 A possible method to fabricate the metallic ink. Thingiverse Experimental
Securing a plastic filament extruder hot end with wire A quick tip on securing an extruder with wire. Blog Working
Transport screw workaround for wade extruder Method of creating a toothed bolt for use in a Wade's style extruder. Thingiverse Working
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