Developments where goals is Economy

Title Description Source Status
3D Printing in Salt Powder Report from the Open3DP team at University of Washington on powder printing with salt. Other Working
Bamboo Hot-End Bamboo as an Alternative to PEEK or PTFE Blog Working
Clonedel The Clonedel is a RepStrap design which is essentially a Prusa Mendel that is modified for easy casting. RepRapWiki Working
Creating a heated bed from several copper pcb boards Technique for creating a heated bed from several smaller pcb's. Other Experimental
DLP-Based Resin Printer for less than $200 "This is a DLP projector-based resin printer that can make very fine 3D prints in record time. This is a work in progress. Today I plan to begin actual experiments with the resin." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Danguinololu "The Danguinololu v2 is a brand new take on the popular Sanguinololu RepRap controller. It is a fully integrated solution with a completely redesigned layout that used parts based on an availability/functionality/cost trade-off. The stepper motor drivers are integrated into the board, reduc... RepRapWiki Working
Davids Paste Extruder "A syringe based extruder. Similar to the FrostuderMk1. Uses the gearing from Wades Extruder to rotate a nut around a threaded rod. The rod has a keyway cut down it's length, and a screw runs in this to stop the rod rotating. The rotation of the nut is thus translated into linear motion whic... RepRapWiki Working
Fab@Home - Model 2 The Model 2.0 is the latest printer in the Fab@Home family. The design has been simplified to reduce cost, build time, and required skill level. Other Working
Foamcore CNC Machine 3D printer built in a weekend from ~$90 of materials, mainly Foamcore. Categorised under "Momvement" as it utilising an interesting cable system. Other Experimental
Generation 7 Electronics Electronics used to drive RepRap printers. RepRapWiki Working
Granule Extruder A RepRap Extruder that uses polymer granules directly. RepRapWiki Experimental
Grbl An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino. Github Working
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