Developments where goals is Education

Title Description Source Status
Designing for Parametrics in OpenSCAD Tips for designing parametric things in OpenSCAD. Blog Working
Guide to Sketchup Modeling for 3d Printing "Google Sketchup is a great program for someone just getting started with 3d modeling, but there are some common mistakes that you'll need to avoid in order to design properly for 3d printing. Here are some tips and tools in order to get you started right." RepRapWiki Work In Progress
Heated Bed Theory A detailed discussion of the considerations to be taken when designing and building a heated bed. Blog Working
Moldmaking Tutorial Useful introductory article on mold making. RepRapWiki Working
Prusa Mendel Visual Instructions Providing a visual guide to the steps given on the wiki page on how to construct a Prusa Mendel. Blog Working
RapMan The RapMan 3.1 3D printer kit is the perfect 3D printer for education and hobbyists alike. Requiring self-assembly, it's ultimately two great learning experiences in one! Other Working
Repetier Hardware settings and print quality A detailed technical description of the physics behind print quality: Extrusion, Ooze and Acceleration. Github Working
Repetier-Firmware Firmware for Arduino based RepRap 3D printer. Github Working
Wade's Geared Extruder Visual Instructions Providing a visual guide to constructing Wade’s Geared Extruder. Blog Working
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