Developments where goals is Fun

Title Description Source Status
3D Tin Online 3D modelling tool. Other Working
CUBE -The 3D printed 3D printer Thingiverse Working
Foamcore CNC Machine 3D printer built in a weekend from ~$90 of materials, mainly Foamcore. Categorised under "Momvement" as it utilising an interesting cable system. Other Experimental
Lego CNC/3D printer/plotter "It is a Lego CNC that is based off of a Printrbot and a Reprap Mendel" Thingiverse Work In Progress
Test Tube Mendel The Test Tube Mendel design is a minimal printed parts Mendel designed for rapid and cheap duplication. It is built around the vinyl-washer vertex proposed by Mrkim on thingiverse. RepRapWiki Experimental
Tinkercad Web-based 3D CAD solid modeller. Other Working
miniSageCAD "A tool for Constructive Solid Geometry like OpenSCAD but written in Sage" Thingiverse Work In Progress
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