Developments where goals is Maintainability

Title Description Source Status
Accessible Wade's Extruder This is an extruder based strongly on the wades from the Prusa git repo. It has several features over the standard wade: + Accessible hobbing + The motor can be removed without removing the large gear. + Slightly higher gear ratio than standard wade. This design uses 43:10 instead of 37:11. Thingiverse Obsolete v4.0 Hot-End Latest version of the Arcol Hotend. Other Working
Birdstruder for MakerGear Plastruder "This is an extruder block designed for the MakerGear Plastruder that allows for quick change of filament and easy clean up after a filament strip." Thingiverse Working
Generation 7 Electronics Electronics used to drive RepRap printers. RepRapWiki Working
Greg's X Carriage with Quick Change Clip System Modified Greg's carriage using a bolt and slot method of quick release. Thingiverse Work In Progress
OpenX Carriage The Goal here is to create a lightweight, minimal x carriage. the carriage will have a large central opening to facilitate various hot end designs, and provide enough room to insulate the hot end. RepRapWiki Working
OpenY Carriage This is a complete redesign of the Y carriage. I wanted to make a lighter, simpler design while still maintaining the functionality and compatibility of the regular Sells Mendel carriage. RepRapWiki Working
Quick Release Carriage for Prusa Mendel "This derivate of the greg's carriage allows you to remove/change/insert the extruder just by pushing or pulling the little lever in front of it. " Thingiverse Working
RepRap Simpson "Simpson is a experimental grounded delta robot 3D printer prototype." RepRapWiki Working
Whot End New hot end design with more flexible mount system RepRapWiki Experimental
Wildseyed Hot End This hot end design is for anyone with limited access to tools, and supplies. The main components can be found in any good hardware store, and the component count is small. Preparation and assembly require only basic tools, and a drill press (or hand drill if you are skilled). Thingiverse Working
solastruder Modified version of Greg's Hinged Accessible Extruder. Provides a larger filament driver instead of the usual hobbed bolt, amongst other improvements. Thingiverse Working
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