Developments where goals is Minimilism

Title Description Source Status
Huxley The travel-sized RepRap. RepRapWiki Working
J Head Nozzle J-Head Nozzle and Thermal Barrier Based on a combination of ideas from the Makerbot Mk 5 hot end, The Inline Heater Variation, some ideas from Brian Briggs, and some ideas from me. Blog Working
MakerBot Stepstruder MK7 The MakerBot® Stepstruder® MK7 is an all-new extruder which was designed from the ground up exclusively for 1.75 mm filament. Other Working
Matt Robert’s Compact Geared Extruder A (relatively) compact geared extruder. Thingiverse Working
Mini Prusa A smaller version of the Prusa by prusajr. Thingiverse Work In Progress
Mini-Mendel Thingiverse Working
OpenX Carriage The Goal here is to create a lightweight, minimal x carriage. the carriage will have a large central opening to facilitate various hot end designs, and provide enough room to insulate the hot end. RepRapWiki Working
RepStrap Jibaro The RepStrap Jibaro presents ideas replacing all of the plastic parts of a Prusa-type RepRap, with easy to source materials found in many hardware stores. It came about as and exercise to build a RepRap while on vacation in Puerto Rico, using only local sources for hardware, tools, and electroni... Thingiverse Work In Progress
Test Tube Mendel The Test Tube Mendel design is a minimal printed parts Mendel designed for rapid and cheap duplication. It is built around the vinyl-washer vertex proposed by Mrkim on thingiverse. RepRapWiki Experimental
Wildseyed Hot End This hot end design is for anyone with limited access to tools, and supplies. The main components can be found in any good hardware store, and the component count is small. Preparation and assembly require only basic tools, and a drill press (or hand drill if you are skilled). Thingiverse Working
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