Developments where goals is Reprapability

Title Description Source Status
3D printed full size makerbot "The reprap is not the only 3d printer that can replicate itself, now the Makerbot can to. This Makerbot is made out of aproximatly 150 individual pieces that is printed on , "yes you guessed it) a Makerbot." Thingiverse Working
Electroformed Hot End "The purpose of this experimental design is to take a step toward a more "replicatable" hot end. The procedures outlined here could potentially be used to make a functional hot end using basic raw materials and simple processes, without the need for precision tools such as a metal ... RepRapWiki Experimental
Lyman Filament Extruder Gear Gear for the Lyman Filament Extruder. Thingiverse Working
MakeRap "If Makerbot and Reprap had a demon child- This is a beast. Built with both the reprap and makerbot as references." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Pololu Electronics RepRap electronics based on the Arduino Mega and the Pololu A4983 stepper driver. RepRapWiki Working
Rack and Pinion for Prusa - Beltless "This makes your Prusa working without toothed belts." Thingiverse Work In Progress
RapSwitch "A first design of an electric switch, which can e.g. be used as limit switch." Thingiverse Working
RepRap Morgan SCARA based RepRap design. Winner of the interim Gada Uplift prize. RepRapWiki Working
RepRap Simpson "Simpson is a experimental grounded delta robot 3D printer prototype." RepRapWiki Working
Ronthomp Mendel Mendel derivative with the aim of reducing parts count and using less hardware. Thingiverse Working
SupportExtruder 1.0 A paste extruder from the RepRap team. RepRapWiki Experimental
Syringe Pump Metal Extruder Metal extruder based on a syringe pump. RepRapWiki Experimental
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