Developments where goals is Reproducability

Title Description Source Status
Hollow Mini-Mendel "This is a Mini-Mendel ( ) where many parts have been shelled (hollowed out) to 1mm (some 1.5 or 2mm for better printability). This shall allow to use even less material in printing and apply the material where it counts for the mechanical structure (2-3 shell lay... Thingiverse Abandoned
No-hob extruder "It's an extruder that uses a dremel bit instead of a hobbed bolt. The sharp edges of the dremel bit makes this extruder design very strong." Thingiverse Working
Nophead's Drive Method Research (Hobbing & Knurling) Testing of knurling and hobbing as method of driving the filament. Blog Working
North90's Hot-end "This design is great for everyone who wants to build a Hot End but who doesn't have access to a lathe, cnc-machine and drill-press." RepRapWiki Working
North90's hot-end V2 "This is an upgrade of: North90's hot-end This Hot End is designed to be build with simple tools and without the need for great engineering skills." RepRapWiki Working
Number Six's Extruder Hot-end v1 "I've been trying to come up with an extruder 'hot-end' design that doesn't use the expensive PEEK material that is in common use in other designs. My initial thoughts have been to use a salvaged heat-sink, clamping the feed shaft from the hot-end heater, and using a small fan to cool the he... Blog Obsolete
Project: Reprap Printable Metals 2011 A possible method to fabricate the metallic ink. Thingiverse Experimental
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