Developments where goals is Simplification

Title Description Source Status
1X2 The 1X2 is a Reprap class 3D-printer that can be built with access to only a drill-press and hand-saw. All the parts can be made with one-dimensional tools and straight cuts. Even with these limited requirements, it is designed to be easy to build and have a full set of features. RepRapWiki Working
3D Tin Online 3D modelling tool. Other Working
Cura "Cura is a project which aims to be an single software solution for 3D printing. While it is developed to be used with the Ultimaker 3D printer, it can be used with other RapRap based designs." Github Work In Progress
Danguinololu "The Danguinololu v2 is a brand new take on the popular Sanguinololu RepRap controller. It is a fully integrated solution with a completely redesigned layout that used parts based on an availability/functionality/cost trade-off. The stepper motor drivers are integrated into the board, reduc... RepRapWiki Working
EMAKER Huxley A redesigned Huxley inspired by the Prusa simplified Mendel. Blog Working
Fab@Home - Model 2 The Model 2.0 is the latest printer in the Fab@Home family. The design has been simplified to reduce cost, build time, and required skill level. Other Working
Foamcore CNC Machine 3D printer built in a weekend from ~$90 of materials, mainly Foamcore. Categorised under "Momvement" as it utilising an interesting cable system. Other Experimental
GCodeSimulator This application visualizes Gcodes and simulates a real 3D print. GCode Simulator recognizes the movements and print speeds and can simulate the print in realtime, but you can also speed-up the prints (fast forward). Each layer is painted in a different colour to see how a layer overlaps with the... Github Working
Greg's Hinged Accessible Extruder An extruder based strongly on the wades from the Prusa git repo. Thingiverse Working
KISSlicer "KISSlicer aims to be a fast and easy-to-use slicer. Taking one or many STL files, it converts them into G-Code necessary to build the model on an additive extrusion 3D printer." Other Working
MakerGear Mosaic Mosaic is an easy-to-assemble, low-maintenance desktop 3D printer kit. Other Working
Marlin - Build A useful online form to help generate the configuration file for the Marlin firmware. Other Working
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