Developments where goals is Size

Title Description Source Status
1X2 Shortcat The SHORTCAT is a 18″ tall, 12″ wide Pyramid framed 3D printer. RepRapWiki Working
1X2 Tallcat The 3ft tall 1X2 "TALLCAT" has the enormous vertical build area of 640mm, yet it takes up no more desk space than the "Compact" Reprap 1X2. It has an increased X and Y build area as well. RepRapWiki Working
3D-ONE Commercial 3D printer from Robot Factory. Other Working
Alu RepRap Derivative of the Parametric Printrbot using aluminium sheet for the base and integrating other changes. Thingiverse Work In Progress v4.0 Hot-End Latest version of the Arcol Hotend. Other Working
Brutstruder RepRap "This is exactly the same as Brustruder for Makerbot, just cut down to it's essential size (a 1/3 reduction:) ). Brutstruder is specifically designed as a RepRap Huxley gearmotor extruder, but no reason why it would not work just as well as a Mendel Extruder with the proper mounting bracket.... Thingiverse Working
Danguinololu "The Danguinololu v2 is a brand new take on the popular Sanguinololu RepRap controller. It is a fully integrated solution with a completely redesigned layout that used parts based on an availability/functionality/cost trade-off. The stepper motor drivers are integrated into the board, reduc... RepRapWiki Working
FoldaRap, the Folding Reprap Foldable RepRap design based on Huxley, using aluminium extrusions. RepRapWiki Work In Progress
MK7 X Carriage for Prusa Mendel "With this setup I am getting 158mm of Z axes hight. I also made a mod that moves the rear supports out 30mm to get this hight. I will post those files if anyone wants them." Thingiverse Working
MakerBot Stepstruder MK7 The MakerBot® Stepstruder® MK7 is an all-new extruder which was designed from the ground up exclusively for 1.75 mm filament. Other Working
Mega Mendel Giant version of Mendel. It is a mighty machine with a build envelope of 766mm x 453mm x 497mm. RepRapWiki Experimental
Modified x belt mount for Prusa to increase build height "Since I use a direct drive extruder, the x carriage belt was hitting the frame before anything else limiting the z below 100 mm. To avoid this, I installed the idler bearing inside the x idler end and designed a new belt clamp. This allowed me to go as high as 120 mm." Thingiverse Working
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