Developments where goals is Standardisation

Title Description Source Status
BOLTS - a open standard parts library for open source CAD applications The aim of BOLTS (acronym for: BOLTS is a Open Library for Technical Specifications) is to build a free and open-source standard parts library for CAD applications. It does so by providing a common database that can be utilized by different CAD applications. Currently supports [OpenSCAD](http:... Github Work In Progress
Granule Extruder A RepRap Extruder that uses polymer granules directly. RepRapWiki Experimental
RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield (RAMPS) RepRap control electronics based on the Arduino Mega. RepRapWiki Working
Simpler hot-end This hot end is the result of my attempt to build the Wildseyed Simple Hot End by jcabrer for my Simpler repstrap. Thingiverse Work In Progress
Vertical X Axis Standard Proposal for standard configuration for vertical X axis assemblies. RepRapWiki Working
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