Developments where license is PD

Title Description Source Status
Bamboo Hot-End Bamboo as an Alternative to PEEK or PTFE Blog Working
Just Another (Nichrome) Heated Bed A short description of a heated bed build using Nichrome wire Blog Working
Marker holder (for colouring feedstock) Attachment for Shapercube to color filament using a marker. Thingiverse Working
Mini Prusa A smaller version of the Prusa by prusajr. Thingiverse Work In Progress
Mini-Mendel/Huxley RepRap Printer Foot A small foot that can clip onto the 6mm bars of a Mini-Mendel/Huxley RepRap printer. Thingiverse
OpenSCAD ISO metric thread library / functions "Allows creation of standard nuts and bolts or allow threads to be included in projects." Thingiverse Working
OpenScad Revoloids version 0.8 Revolutionary Surfaces Library for OpenScad. Thingiverse Working
OpenScad Surface Solids Library OpenScad library offering Bezier surfaces. Thingiverse Working
Prusa Z motor mount and Coupling "A revised Z motor mount with thrust bearing and coupling. I didn't like the idea of the weight of the x-axis pulling down on the motor shaft and the possibility of the coupling slipping (although nopheads redesign has worked perfectly). With this design all the weight is on the thrust... Thingiverse Working
Public Domain OpenScad Bezier Function "This thing, or rather the OpenScad file, is public domain code for creating Bezier curves within OpenScad." Thingiverse Working
Quaternions for OpenScad "This thing adds Quaternion support to OpenScad ... quaternions are a math construct that make doing rotations a fairly painless task." Thingiverse Working
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