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Title Description Source Status
3D Printing in Salt Powder Report from the Open3DP team at University of Washington on powder printing with salt. Other Working
3D Tin Online 3D modelling tool. Other Working
Accessible Wade's Extruder 9/47 "I have changed the gears to 9:47 for better torque. The top is now closed. It is now easier to open the Idler. The heater barrel hole is now 10mm. The Gears dont fit at the "normal" Accessible Wade !!" Thingiverse Working
Airtripper's Bowden Extruder V3 "The bowden extruder was originally designed to fit the Sumpod 3d printer to replace the bulky MDF extruder housing that was awkward to use. However, the bowden extruder can be used for other 3d printers making use of it’s simple bracket, and the extruder has been popular with the Rost... Thingiverse Working Hot-End Commercial hot-end from Other Working
Auto retracting z-probe A probe that can make Z measurements and then retract itself out of the way. It was designed for HydraRaptor but can probably be adapted for other wooden machines like Makerbot. Blog Working
BRL-CAD "BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform Open Source combinatorial Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system that includes interactive 3D solid geometry editing, high-performance ray-tracing support for rendering and geometric analysis, network-distributed framebuffer support, ima... Other Working
Bamboo Hot-End Bamboo as an Alternative to PEEK or PTFE Blog Working
Banate CAD Banate CAD is a text based visualization and 3D modeling tool. Other Working
Bevel library for OpenScad "There is one very common operation that has to be done in nearly all the designs: beveling edges. It can be done on the convex side, for avoiding sharp edges, or on the concave side, for reinforce the part (avoiding the 90 degrees connection between parts)." Thingiverse Working
Bezier Mesh Surface V1.0 "Well, I started out wanting to do some nicer fillets on my OpenScad designs, and suddenly, I have a full blown Bezier surface/solids library!" Thingiverse Working
Bowden Syringe Extruder "This thing makes it possible to extrude liquids and gels with no heavy parts on the carriage of your machine. It features a 10ml syringe that feeds the moving end via a 3/2mm tube. On the moving end is a standard luer connector, so you can connect different types of nozzles." Thingiverse Working
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