Developments where projectVendor is MakerBot

Title Description Source Status
3D printed full size makerbot "The reprap is not the only 3d printer that can replicate itself, now the Makerbot can to. This Makerbot is made out of aproximatly 150 individual pieces that is printed on , "yes you guessed it) a Makerbot." Thingiverse Working
Brutstruder An extremely reliable, no compromise, multi platform extruder, that builds on all the most successful ideas currently available in thermoplastic extrusion. Thingiverse Working
CupCake CNC Other Working
Filament Colorizer - Marker Holder Thingiverse Working
MK5-6 Stepstruder NEMA 23 Direct Drive Pivoting Filament Pusher This is a direct drive extruder mechanism that fits with the hotend and dinos of a MK5-6. I wanted to move to a stepper drive extruder but didn't want to wait three weeks for makerbot to ship their new beefy nema 17. I also had a lot of issues with the delrin plunger. Thingiverse Working
MakeRap "If Makerbot and Reprap had a demon child- This is a beast. Built with both the reprap and makerbot as references." Thingiverse Work In Progress
MakerBot Stepstruder MK6 The Stepstruder MK6 is a huge leap forward for stepper driven extrusion. Thingiverse Working
MakerBot Stepstruder MK6 Plus The MakerBot Stepstruder MK6+ is just what you'd think -- all the direct-driven, controllable, torquey goodness of the MK6, with an added plus! That plus is a new, quicker-heating aluminum heater core, powered by a custom-made cartridge heater. In addition to faster heating performance, the MK6... Thingiverse Working
MakerBot Stepstruder MK7 The MakerBot® Stepstruder® MK7 is an all-new extruder which was designed from the ground up exclusively for 1.75 mm filament. Other Working
Miracle-Grue "Miracle-Grue is a slicing tool for turning STL and OBJ files into GCode toolpaths. It is designed to be used as part of a larger software package, but we are also making it available as a command line tool." Github
Pololu Extruder Stripboard This simple Pololu stripboard will let you hook up a 1/16 microstepping stepper motor for under $20. Thingiverse Working
Proceed Head V1 Extruder derived from the Stepstruder MK7. Thingiverse Working
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