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Title Description Source Status
555 timer controlled heated print bed PCB heated bed with a standalone 555-timer based controller. Blog Working
Auto retracting z-probe A probe that can make Z measurements and then retract itself out of the way. It was designed for HydraRaptor but can probably be adapted for other wooden machines like Makerbot. Blog Working
Bamboo Hot-End Bamboo as an Alternative to PEEK or PTFE Blog Working
Brazilian Study Group Heated Bed Details the construction of a power-resistor based heated bed. Blog Working
Brazilian Study Group Hot End Details the construction of a heater block Hot End. Blog Working
Designing for Parametrics in OpenSCAD Tips for designing parametric things in OpenSCAD. Blog Working
EMAKER Huxley A redesigned Huxley inspired by the Prusa simplified Mendel. Blog Working
Heated Bed Theory A detailed discussion of the considerations to be taken when designing and building a heated bed. Blog Working
High Power Hot End High power hot-end for fast printing - dual resistor & easier thermistor. Blog Working
How to make a printing plate Steps and tips on combining models into one plate. Blog Working
Indestructamendel - Polycarbonate 3D Printing with Prusa Mendel Detailed research into printing with Polycarbonate. Blog Experimental
J Head Nozzle J-Head Nozzle and Thermal Barrier Based on a combination of ideas from the Makerbot Mk 5 hot end, The Inline Heater Variation, some ideas from Brian Briggs, and some ideas from me. Blog Working
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