Developments where source is None

Title Description Source Status
DIY Testing for HCN from ABS and Nylon 3D Print Material A thorough test report to determine whether common FDM materials (ABS,Nylon) produce dangerous amounts of hydrogen cyanide. None Working
Firmata "Firmata is a generic protocol for communicating with microcontrollers from software on a host computer. It is intended to work with any host computer software package. Right now there is a matching object in a number of languages. It is easy to add objects for other software to use this pro... None Working
Helium Frog Delta Robot None Work In Progress " is a more up-to-date OpenJsCAD frontend where you can edit .jscad files either locally or online via JS editor (built-in). A few functions are available to make the transition from OpenSCAD to OpenJSCAD easier (OpenSCAD.jscad built-in), as well CLI (command-line interface) for... None Work In Progress
Sumpod When I designed the SUMPOD I had one aim, to produce a high quality but affordable and safe desktop 3d Printer. After many months of designing, testing, redesigning and retesting I have produced a product that not only matches all the original goals but exceeds them. None Working
The LulzBot TK-0 RepRap 3D printer from LulzBot. None Work In Progress
Tilt Xaxis Xaxis Parts for Tilt Printer, will fit on a cupcake with ABP None Work In Progress
W.A.S.P. project Project to build fabbing tools, starting with the W.A.S.P. UNO - a 3D printing and milling machine. None Working
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