Developments where status is Experimental

Title Description Source Status
Creating a heated bed from several copper pcb boards Technique for creating a heated bed from several smaller pcb's. Other Experimental
Electroformed Hot End "The purpose of this experimental design is to take a step toward a more "replicatable" hot end. The procedures outlined here could potentially be used to make a functional hot end using basic raw materials and simple processes, without the need for precision tools such as a metal ... RepRapWiki Experimental
Foamcore CNC Machine 3D printer built in a weekend from ~$90 of materials, mainly Foamcore. Categorised under "Momvement" as it utilising an interesting cable system. Other Experimental
Granule Extruder A RepRap Extruder that uses polymer granules directly. RepRapWiki Experimental
IceSL "IceSL is a modeler and slicer, all in the same software. Think of it as OpenSCAD meets Skeinforge. By directly slicing the models IceSL avoids the expensive mesh CSG computation that most other softwares have to perform. In addition, IceSL relies on recent GPU algorithms to speed up visuali... Other Experimental
Indestructamendel - Polycarbonate 3D Printing with Prusa Mendel Detailed research into printing with Polycarbonate. Blog Experimental
Induction Heating Extruder "All RepRap extruders to date have a similar underlying construction, built around a resistively heated metal melt chamber with an external temperature sensor. UBC Rapid is pursuing a different approach, using induction heating to melt plastic inside a glass nozzle. Although design is more d... Other Experimental
Marlin Firmware Reprap FW optimized for gen6. Also available in a non-gen6 version - see connections tab. Github Experimental
Mega Mendel Giant version of Mendel. It is a mighty machine with a build envelope of 766mm x 453mm x 497mm. RepRapWiki Experimental
MetalicaRap An Electron Beam 3D Metal Powder Printer with Solar Cell Fab. ability, including microscope vision system (SEM) & Z axis metal correction in a vacuum.(Design stage). RepRapWiki Experimental
Mixer extruder "A mixer extrusion system that would take multiple (4) filaments and push them out of the same nozzle. It will be a Bowden design. It will allow colour mixing, and also things like combining flexible and rigid versions of the same polymer in different mix ratios. Plus you'd be able to mix... RepRapWiki Experimental
Prism Mendel Extruded Aluminium Frame Mendel. RepRapWiki Experimental
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