Developments where tags is CNC

Title Description Source Status
2BEIGH3 CNC and 3D Printer "How to make your own 2D CNC machine that converts into a 3D Printer and back to a CNC machine in less than an hour. Costing less than a CNC machine or 3D printer! In addition, the design will go further than the traditional 3D printer printing ABS, and move forward to printing with NYLON ... Other Working
Cartesio "Cartesio is a printed multi-purpose desktop CNC machine, with a working space of 300x200x100mm(X,Y,Z). The machine is designed to hold multiple tools at its toolhead. This way one could connect a mill and/or a 3Dprint extruder and/or...." RepRapWiki Working
ShapeOko Open Source DIY CNC Machine. Other Working
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