Developments where tags is Huxley

Title Description Source Status
Mini-Mendel/Huxley RepRap Printer Foot A small foot that can clip onto the 6mm bars of a Mini-Mendel/Huxley RepRap printer. Thingiverse
NEMA 17 Bowden Extruder Drive "Based on Wade's extruder, with the X carriage mounting holes removed since this will be mounted on the Huxley frame instead. Also includes some other changes to take the bowden tube (3mm OD) and work with a 1.75mm diameter filament, driven by an M4 toothed brass insert." (Note: can ... Thingiverse Working
RepRapPro Huxley The RepRapPro version of the RepRap Huxley. RepRapWiki Working
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