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Title Description Source Status
Bevel library for OpenScad "There is one very common operation that has to be done in nearly all the designs: beveling edges. It can be done on the convex side, for avoiding sharp edges, or on the concave side, for reinforce the part (avoiding the 90 degrees connection between parts)." Thingiverse Working
Bezier Mesh Surface V1.0 "Well, I started out wanting to do some nicer fillets on my OpenScad designs, and suddenly, I have a full blown Bezier surface/solids library!" Thingiverse Working
Obiscad Various modules and tools for openscad, including: bevel, attach, vector." Github Working
OpenSCAD ISO metric thread library / functions "Allows creation of standard nuts and bolts or allow threads to be included in projects." Thingiverse Working
OpenSCAD tricks and modules "A collection of neet tricks and handy modules for OpenSCAD. Module parameter tricks, grid layout module, bolt connection, complexRoundSquare, ellipsePart, roundedSquare Most of these tricks relate to 2D drawing." Thingiverse Working
Parametric Open SCAD Timingbelts "Generates a small subset of timing belt profiles so you can cut them out of your models. This is heavily Derived from by Droftarts in so much that I stole the profiles from that file. Currently generates T2.5, T5, T10 and MXL" Thingiverse Working
Public Domain OpenScad Bezier Function "This thing, or rather the OpenScad file, is public domain code for creating Bezier curves within OpenScad." Thingiverse Working
Quaternions for OpenScad "This thing adds Quaternion support to OpenScad ... quaternions are a math construct that make doing rotations a fairly painless task." Thingiverse Working
Vector library for OpenScad "This is a Vector library for drawing vectors in Openscad. It is extremely useful for designing robots and viewing their kinematics. In addition, it gives a lot of help when designing parts by means of displaying auxiliary vectors and frames of reference." Thingiverse Working
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