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Title Description Source Status
Chocolate pump "This is a gerotor pump type. It is designed to pump viscous fluids like chocolate, glazing creams, epoxy etc." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Claystruder 1.5 "This is an evolution of the Claystruder 1.1 for Rapman. Simpler, more modular. It does not yet feature a mount for a solenoid valve, maybe I add that in the future." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Davids Paste Extruder "A syringe based extruder. Similar to the FrostuderMk1. Uses the gearing from Wades Extruder to rotate a nut around a threaded rod. The rod has a keyway cut down it's length, and a screw runs in this to stop the rod rotating. The rotation of the nut is thus translated into linear motion whic... RepRapWiki Working
Frostruder MK2 "The Frostruder MK2 is a radically different approach to frosting extrusion. Instead of using a motorized plunger approach such as with the Frostruder MK1 and Fab@Home paste extruders, we've switched to air power. The result is a Frostruder with excellent characteristics: nearly instantan... Thingiverse Working
Paste Extruder Stepper Motor Printing Head "This is a screw driven peristaltic Paste Extruder." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Pneumatic Syringe Extruder Adapter (twist-lock and o-ring seal) "Attaches an air hose, via a hose barb, to a syringe so you can extrude all manner of things like chocolate, frosting, clay, any thing that is a semi-solid paste! For an example, look up Makerbot's Frostruder MK2, which sadly seems to no longer be unavailable. Which was the inspiration fo... Thingiverse Working
SupportExtruder 1.0 A paste extruder from the RepRap team. RepRapWiki Experimental
Universal Paste Extruder for 3D printers "This is a universal paste extruder for RepRap and other 3D printers. It allows you to experiment with various pastes on your 3D printer without the need for any air compressor equipment or valves etc. It simply uses the existing Extruder motor output from your printer’s elect... Thingiverse Working
VDX Paste Dispenser Stepper driven paste dispenser. RepRapWiki
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