Title Description Source Status
Wade goes Fishing "Herringbone Gears for Wade 9/47" Thingiverse Working
Wade's Geared Extruder Visual Instructions Providing a visual guide to constructing Wade’s Geared Extruder. Blog Working
Wade's Geared Nema 17 Extruder A printed spur gear driven extruder for Mendel or Darwin. Thingiverse Working
Wallace This is a parametric Reprap printer based loosely on the Printrbot design. (Previously known as "Parametric Printrbot Variant") RepRapWiki Working
Whot End New hot end design with more flexible mount system RepRapWiki Experimental
Wildseyed Hot End This hot end design is for anyone with limited access to tools, and supplies. The main components can be found in any good hardware store, and the component count is small. Preparation and assembly require only basic tools, and a drill press (or hand drill if you are skilled). Thingiverse Working
X-Carriage-Struder (Vert-X) A direct-drive extruder/x-carriage for the V9 hotend (for the moment) and its whole vertical x-axis. RepRapWiki Experimental
XY Table An XY table, originally designed for a microdispensing mechanism. Thingiverse Working
Yet Another Prusa Mendel Z Coupling Couples a 5mm motor shaft to an 8mm threaded rod, ensuring they are coaxial, but allowing some angular movement if the rod is not straight. Blog Working
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