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AstroPrint™ AstroPrint is an end to end software solution for desktop 3D printers. The platform allows users to slice, store, and print straight from a phone or tablet. In addition, the cloud slicer becomes ... DTaylor 0
Still dreaming probibly a Prusha with a Bowden cable type extruder Still deciding on electronics. se5a 0
Huxley Roxrap A conglomeration of the existing Huxley designs, taking parts from each. Primarily a test bed for various experimental designs. garyhodgson 7
My Prusa Mendel * Bought as a kit from various suppliers. * Built February 2011. * Uses sometimes a Wade's or Greg's extruder. * Upgraded to LM8UU linear bearings September 2011. * Upgraded to Heated Bed Octob... garyhodgson 5