Paste Extrusion

Parts and techniques for printing viscous fluids.
Title Description Source Status
Paste Extruder Stepper Motor Printing Head "This is a screw driven peristaltic Paste Extruder." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Chocolate Cooler "It is to be used to instantly cool 3d printed chocolate with an -15 degree Celsius air stream. This is a Ranque-Hilsch effect vortex tube cooler." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Chocolate Extruder "This is a heated chocolate extruder based on the Moineau pump (progressive cavity pump) principle. It can be used to print objects from chocolate." Thingiverse Working
Chocolate pump "This is a gerotor pump type. It is designed to pump viscous fluids like chocolate, glazing creams, epoxy etc." Thingiverse Work In Progress
Frostruder MK2 "The Frostruder MK2 is a radically different approach to frosting extrusion. Instead of using a motorized plunger approach such as with the Frostruder MK1 and Fab@Home paste extruders, we've ... Thingiverse Working
Pneumatic Syringe Extruder Adapter (twist-lock and o-ring seal) "Attaches an air hose, via a hose barb, to a syringe so you can extrude all manner of things like chocolate, frosting, clay, any thing that is a semi-solid paste! For an example, look up Ma... Thingiverse Working
Moineau stepper extruder "Paste extruder based on the Moineau pump principle." Thingiverse Working
Granule Extruder A RepRap Extruder that uses polymer granules directly. RepRapWiki Experimental
Claystruder 1.1 "These are the files for the first prototype of a clay extruding print head for a Bits From Bytes Rapman." Thingiverse Working
Syringe Pump Metal Extruder Metal extruder based on a syringe pump. RepRapWiki Experimental
Davids Paste Extruder "A syringe based extruder. Similar to the FrostuderMk1. Uses the gearing from Wades Extruder to rotate a nut around a threaded rod. The rod has a keyway cut down it's length, and a screw runs ... RepRapWiki Working
SupportExtruder 1.0 A paste extruder from the RepRap team. RepRapWiki Experimental
VDX Paste Dispenser Stepper driven paste dispenser. RepRapWiki

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