Reducing Wobble

Ways of removing wobbles, chatter and vibrations.
Title Description Source Status
Lm8uu Y Axis Holder Used for attaching an lm8uu linear bearing to a bed. Thingiverse Working
Lm8uu X Carriage with Fan Mount for Prusa Mendel X Carriage takes 3 LM8UU bearings. Fan mount optional. Comes with an integrated belt tensioning system. Thingiverse Working
3 Jaw Z Coupling for Prusa Mendel This is a new 3-jaw coupling that allows z alignment adjustment. Thingiverse Working
Yet Another Prusa Mendel Z Coupling Couples a 5mm motor shaft to an 8mm threaded rod, ensuring they are coaxial, but allowing some angular movement if the rod is not straight. Blog Working

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